Build the professional creative life you want

Take the online course and engage in the monthly group sessions.

A professional creative life can be a lonely journey. As a member of Milano Club, you will be guided through the necessary personal reflections to set goals, define your challenges, broaden your perspective, and make your individual choices on how you want to take up your role and exploit the possibilities in your professional field.

The Milano Club Online Course

Through videos, online assignments and self refection you will be guided to professional development.

The 12 step online coaching course will guide you through 3 reflection phases, within each of the 3 dimensions we work on, necessary to face professional challenges and make personal choices. 

When you have taken the course you will be able to:

1. Define your professional narrative so it provides space for both creative depth and professional impact.
2. Communicate the value you create and how you work on your projects.
3. Develop the work relationships you need for your projects with the people you chose or who are given. 

Monthly Group Sessions

The monthly group sessions are where you make decisions on what will be your professional focus for the next month, you present work you have done to build the professional life you want and you get feedback from peers.

Every month you will receive a zoom link for the three hour Monthly Group Session. The Monthly Group Session will take place 9 times a year: 

Wednesdays at 6 PM GMT London /7 PM CET Milano - Copenhagen - Oslo /9 PM TRT Istanbul.

At the meetings we will work with one of three dimensions:

1. Defining Your Narrative
2. Designing a Business Plan
3. Developing Work Relationships

Every meeting has the same agenda and will help you focus on one of the three dimensions in relation to the theme of the month and your individual goal.

Group Sessions scheduled for 2023

Jan. 18. 19-22 CET
Feb. 1. 19-22 CET
March 1. 19-22 CET
March 29. 19-22 CET
May 3. 19-22 CET
Jun. 7. 19-22 CET
Sep. 6. 19-22 CET
Oct. 4. 19-22 CET
Nov. 8. 19-22 CET
Dec. 6. 19-22 CET

Progress Hour

Building a professional creative life you will love must be done brick by brick. 

Every Monthly Group Session in Milano Club ends with a Progress Hour where you can focus on the necessary steps needed to get closer to the kind of life you want. 

It could be setting a 5-year goal and defining a path to get there; it could be managing the weekly bookkeeping tasks; it could be writing an essay; or it could be making marketing material or any of the million other things a cultural creative person has to take care of.

Milano Club will provide the weekly space for you to focus on a task that is important for you to get done and you will be working individually while knowing that the rest of the group are also working. Before the Progress Hour we will have a check in and after we will meet to share how it went.