Founder of Milano Club, Thea Mikkelsen

"Everybody gets help to develop professionally, except cultural creative people. Having worked with hundreds of people from the creative industries, I have seen how much value professional development can facilitate. With Milano Club I want to provide a community platform and a guided journey designed for cultural creative people who want to develop professionally."

About Thea Mikkelsen

Thea Mikkelsen is an Italian based Danish business psychologist, MSc & MA, who started her own independent consultancy 15 years ago with the aim of working with cultural creative people. 

Key to her work is to empower both leaders and specialists in the creative industries and help them develop creativity focused professional lives and collaborative cultures as well as establishing inspirational and rewarding personal lives.

During the past 20 years she as been researching what aspects of contemporary psychoanalysis and strategic business psychology could be helpful resources for cultural creative people. She has developed coaching processes as well as leadership courses for a wide range of creative fields as well as for law firms and museums.


Thea Mikkelsen has written four books on professional creativity, most recently Coaching the Creative Impulse - Psychological Dynamics and Professional Creativity, Routledge 2020.


She has taught at the psychology department at the University of Copenhagen for 4 years and the professional Master's program in Organizational Psychology at Roskilde University, Denmark, for another 4 years.

She is a member of the board in ISPSO- International Society for the Psychoanalytical Studies of Organisations, where she is the director for online knowledge development.

Personal life

In her own life she has been working intensely on building a professional creative life she loves and today resides in the hills of Piemonte in Italy together with her husband and their two daughters.



What people say about
Thea Mikkelsen and her work.

"I have used Thea Mikkelsen's expertise in different periods and roles for the National Museum of Norway. She is incredibly skilled at seeing the challenges, pointing out development goals and driving the creative process forward. She goes straight to the point and makes complicated problems simple. She is one of the best in her field."  

Miriam Nørgaard, Head of Administration, Nasjonalmuseet, Norway.

"Thea is a privilege and a great inspiration to work with. Her academic background and research have resulted in outstanding knowledge, which has happily benefited the architectural profession in Denmark."

Lena McNair, Head of Member Relations at the Danish Association of Architects.

"We use Thea to strengthen our consultants in understanding the dynamics at stake in collaborating with applicants. The feedback I receive is that the conversations with Thea give new and valuable understandings of action opportunities in a complicated role and strenghten the consultants in their work."

Claus Ladegaard, CEO of the Danish Film Institute.

Project manager at Milano Club:

Elise Langager

Elise is a psychologist, MSc, and film editor.

At Milano Club she works as project manager, and learning designer.


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Apart from her work with Milano Club, Thea Mikkelsen works with partner and management teams, with leaders and specialists in larger organisations as well as with designing and facilitating tailored leadership courses in organisations that want to develop and secure professional creativity.

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