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The situation in the creative industries today requires of you to be a conscious project manager of your work and of your professional development. 

The philosophy behind Milano Club rests on the belief that building a professional creative life that you will love requires that you accept that every creative life is unique and that there are no ready-made templates for building the life you want. It is in the act of facing your unique challenges and making personal choices about how you will confront your life and take up your being that you will manifest yourself and provide a platform for professional creativity.

Define Your Own Path 


Professional creative life paths differ from the dominant narratives of professional lives in our societies today. Even though a certain kind of succesful creative people are celebrated, the journey to the success is often different from how other people progress in their professional life. Where many other lines of work has clear visions of what success looks like, creative lives are often about something else than the dominant success stories today.

Being aware how you take up your existence as a creative person and curate your narrative, work with project management and establish the right work relations, can help you create the platform that allows you to build the creative life you want for yourself.

As a member of Milano Club you will be guided through 12 steps to help you face your own challenges, broaden your perspective and make the necessary choices.

The Milano Club process will help you steer toward the goal you set out yourself along three paths:

1. Crafting your own professional narrative.
2. Defining your own way of working.
3. Developing the kind of work relations that inspire and lift you and your work.

Influences and working models

Milano Clubs concept of professional development has been influenced by a wide range of sources through Thea Mikkelsen's intense studies on professional development for creative people.

Among them research on creative organisations by Harvard Business School professor Linda Hill, on creative innovation by Stockholm based Italian professor Roberto Verganti and research on professional development by Herminia Ibarra. The theoretical foundation of Milano Club has been inspired by psychoanalytically trained scholars like Gianpiero Petriglieri from the business school INSEAD in Paris, the independent Lacanian scholar Philip Boxer and his work on Lacan and work, as well as Australian professor in organisational development Susan Long.

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